Sunday, 6 February 2011

Welcome to Cyber-Dreg. Come One, Come All...

Greetings Cyberworld (i would have gone with "Programs" but Tron: Leagacy has now ruined those once feasible geek terms. oh well the movie was still awesome...),

It has recently hit me (like a mind blowing/life revealing/reality check car crash...) that i need to be approaching my supposed artistic studies with a somewhat more "serious" tone. Sooo... Heck here i am creating a friggin' blog (a cyber enemy from the likes of which i would never thought of having myself face...), i guess that could be considered serious... who knows maybe it'll grow on me to keep this cyber journal (oh technology...) up to date... who knows...

Anyhoo updates are coming up soon hope you guys will enjoy the ride (well at least more than i will).


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