Sunday, 13 February 2011

World War Post...

So i had to design a series of postcards for a school group project, once again dealing with the theme of war... This was the outcome:

I was trying to bring out a somewhat dark imagery depicting the innocence of a child caught in the chaos of war and decides to ignore it, thus the little girl forced to wear a gas mask is picking flowers in a deserted wasteland...

Like the previous postcard, i wanted to evoke some more dark imagery. In this setting, we find a gas masked soldier (originally meant to be a nazi soldier) standing in a barely lit children's room where he encounters a child's teddy bear and begins questioning his acts...

[Originally this image was supposed to represent a soldier hunting for victims but i felt like this card related to the previous one so i decided to change the backstory...]



The idea behind this postcard came from a gas mask that was designed for children during the war, it was called the mickey mouse gas mask. This concept felt like a product of propaganda and its illusions, hiding the reality of the situation from the eyes of a child. So i had this idea of making an interactive postcard where two perspectives are displayed. The first one consists of reality where a wasteland is depicted, the second one is what the children see through the eyes of the mickey mouse gas mask (where everything is colorful and eerie). One image is slid over the other so the concept is to slide the child's illusion out to reveal the reality of the situation.


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  1. i sent you an email regarding your girl with mask piece . please check for it , it may have been picked up by your filters . (pardon the pun )